Ed Glenn & Jim Dester co-makers of
The Flying Timber Ducks call.
NWTF 2008 Decorative Duck & Goose Call Competition
Best of Show award

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Flying Timber Ducks
Call No. 01 '08

Spin the main barrel to see carved ducks flying above the rocky cattail shore of a timber backed pond somewhere in the southern Mississippi Flyway. Carefully turn the upper revolving ring and discover the specific event for which this duck call was made. Examine the three segmented rings to find the four phases of the moon during an ideal three-month long hunting season.

Working from a collaborated design, callmakers Ed Glenn (CCAA Design Award 2007; Merit Award 2006) and Jim Dester (NWTF Best of Show 2002, 2004; CCAA Best of Show 2004, 2006, 2007) have combined the best of their respective skills in this one-of-a-kind duck call.

Ed selected slightly spalted Oregon Myrtle for the inner barrel, turned with integral narrow rings separating the revolving and stationary African Blackwood outer barrel bands. He built and turned the three segmented "moon phase" rings with Osage Orange moons imbedded in Macassar Ebony skies. Ed turned the various components to assemble with precision.

Jim carved the deep relief flying ducks on the main revolving outer barrel band, completely piercing the band to display his carved timber backgroung on the inner barrel. He added the carved cattails, his finely carved fish scale on the stopper and basket weave on the upper revolving band, also pierced to display the inner gold leaf lettering. Jim made the bloodwood toneboard and completed the final assembly. The finish is a proprietary blend of waxes.

As the first collaboration of these two well-known callmakers, this duck call is assured to be a singularly unique example of combined skills made especially for the 2008 National Wild Turkey Federation Decorative Duck and Goose Call Competition in Atlanta, Georgia.